The Wednesday Rituals

Every Wednesday at 12 o’clock a nice collective ritual takes place at nkd’s office: a coffee break gathering. It’s a great chance to interact with the other residents (fellow curators, artists, film directors, etc.) and get a bit of conversation going: trying to understand the local customs and life here, besides getting to know one another, has been the main topic of conversation. We’ve talked politics and cultural differences, and very informally discussed elements of our respective practices, commented on exhibitions we visited or only read about, and so forth.

The local scene is basically non-existent beyond the Centre’s walls, and there seems to be only one active contemporary artist based in the municipality, Anne Lise Stenseth, who usually joins us during our weekly meetings. I will visit her studio in the next few days and shall defer my report until then.

The same goes for the other residents, two of which arrived only a few days ago, but for now I should at least introduce them!

Norwegian artists Øyvind Aspen & Mercedes, Karen Skog and Berlin-based curator and exhibition designer Marianne Zamecznik, and Canadian filmmaker (of Italian descent, as you could guess from the name) Roberto Santaguida.

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