Working for the glory of tomorrow – when tomorrow never comes

Well, well!

I’m posting after a long long silence from the blog, and I owe an apology to my “twentyfive” readers.. SORRY!

My final weeks in Dale were great tho I was totally absorbed by funding applications and couldn’t find the time for anything else 😦 I left nkd on Feb 28th, heading to Trondheim, got sick, went back to Stockholm to empty my room and ship my belongings over to Italy, where I spent the last couple of weeks in March, between boxes to unpack and reorganise along memory lane, unexpected wedding ceremonies and some interesting exhibitions.

April, April… and Residency number 2 starts, on the 3rd. I’m in Zuerich, living in a mansard along Universitatstrasse (yes: ETH and the Geology departments seem to be haunting me, I know…)


my new temporary home …


(sweet) temporary home …

I have an amazing terrace, but the weather has been incredibly changeable/unpredictable so I haven’t really used it yet! From cold and rainy to summery (of course the hot days were mostly when I was away in Italy for a talk..) … back to erm… Snow! … This was my view, this morning!

Jump on a chair and stick your head outside the window, and: surprise!

Jump on a chair and stick your head outside the window, and: surprise! Is it the 20th of April? Really?! I honestly thought such randomness levels were only possible in Scandinavia…


And welcome to my studio, at OG9/Kunsthaus Aussersihl – I’m waiting for people to pop around as we have a very informal open studio this afternoon, but we’ll have a kinda more proper one on May 11th.


My studio

My studio

These first two weeks here have been very busy indeed. I have decided to take an intensive German course (10 hours/week), I’ve seen a few shows, met a few interesting people, and reconnected with old friends that I had not had the chance to see since ages… I shall write some accounts of it soon, so stay tuned!





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