Originally from Italy, the author spent the past twelve years living (for work or study – or both) in different corners of Europe:  most recently Stockholm, and earlier Milano, Bolzano, Bucharest, London, Trieste and Dublin.

This year, she has decided to really embrace the unavoidable lack of a geographic center determined by those past migration patterns, and has embarked on a yearly journey in four seasons. She will be a guest researcher at art and literature centres in Dale (NO), Zuerich (CH), Visby (SE) and Incheon (SK).

oneyearofcuratorialresidencies is precisely a narration in four acts of these four seasons, of their encounters and discoveries, of their institutional, artistic, culinary, linguistic, visual, naturalistic and relational stimuli.

For new seeds of thought to start growing in some place and be swiftly swept somewhere else.

By only apparently confused gusts of wind.

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