Coming soon! Residency Exhibition: Lys i Gamle Hus

This season, rather than an open studio, everyone currently in residence at the Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale will be taking part in the special night Lys i Gamle Hus (literally, “Light at the Old House”) in Dale. It will be a festival night with a lot of different happenings, and since I’m not really an artist and the exhibition is far from being something that could ever be curated, I decided to exhibit an artist video I co-authored (with Eva Frapiccini) the screenplay of, first shown in September 2011 in Turin within the exhibition Museo Caneira | la fisica del possibile. This makes the Norwegian Premiere Night for Aleksander Prus Caneira | Quantum Physics and the Portals of the Unconscious.

Put something warm on and come along!

flyer dale5-page-001

Some shots of the two venues, taken when we went over for a site visit a couple of weeks ago.

The buildings are really very beautiful, old and traditional looking.


performance & 2-d works space


installation space


the screening space


the gorgeous huge window in the screening space

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