Studio wonders

Tuesday, 8th of January, late morning

A map of the art centre – you can find me at number 2!

I make my way to the art centre which is only around the corner from the beautiful bungalows artists live in. There, I meet Arild, nkd’s director, and it is great to give a face and a voice to what had been only an email exchange. I get my introductory tour of the space’s facilities and the different workshops, which are quite impressive, and I’m led to my studio space.

nkd: the entrance

nkd: the entrance

A studio?! Good Lord, I haven’t had a studio since I was a Fine Art student, and I wasn’t using it much back then either as I was already more of a curator than a sculptor.. As you can see, it is massive, with a really high, beautiful weavy ceiling, and a huge glass facade overlooking a breathtaking landscape: mountains, forest, village, fjord and sea, the view really has it all. The only downside is that despite the heating, it remains very cold, and after sitting down typing for a couple of hours I have to run home and work in the front room there, or I’ll turn into a funny-looking subpolar creature!

Check it out!

Welcome to Studio 2 at Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale!

CIMG0205My Studio

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