Getting sporty in Dale

Dale i Sunnfjord is part of the municipality of Fjaler. For the size and relative remoteness of such a place, the locals have a busy calendar of sport activities, from outdoors hiking and skiing, to indoor sports such as badmington, handball and ballroom dancing. The Gammel dance comes with a twist: there is not one style, but in the space of two hours it can vary from polka to salsa to traditional Norwegian dance to swing, and I’ve been told it’s mainly (but not only) the older generations there, but I tell you, they could easily donate  some of their stamina to the 20 and 30-somethings (and I’m top of the list). Kinda wanted to go enjoy some people watching, but I was told I either dance, or I’m out, and obviously: I’m out, as I can’t even put my feet in a line! what should I say, I guess I could have provided some free entertainment for the locals, but well: they missed their chance!

Up here, fellow artist in residence Roberto came up with the idea of the ping pong tournament. So, Saturday evening saw a Canadian, a German, an Italian and four Norwegians battling for a loot of local beer. Nkd‘s own Olympics? Sort of.. As it was too cold in the corridor, we decided to bring the table into my studio, where it still stands.


come and play!

Results: The German athlete withdrew from the competition before the first round due to a cold, I played and lost each and every game (it’s no secret sports is one of three things – with sewing and music – that I won’t ever learn and I lost all hopes for many years ago), but at the end of the day, I made up by being an almost decent ref, and quoting De Coubertin… the Norwegian team did very well with 2nd and 3rd places on the podium, but the unbeated winner was our Canadian, Roberto.


getting in the mood..


here we go…


with some action!

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