Huge snowflakes, and a (clumsy) headless chicken in Dale

Oh yes: the headless chicken is autobiographical, needless to say..

I’m working 7am-9pm with two half an hour breaks these days: an awful lot of deadlines that seems to grow exponentially: the more you tick off “done” items from the to-do-lists, the more stuff appears: selfperpetuating magic, is it?

Some Results: I dreamt about placing pinpoints onto world map last night (clearly a by-product of my international search for hosts for the Dreams’ Time Capsule project. And of course, I haven’t had much time for the blog, but anyways: here I am now! I still want to catch up with a couple of reviews from the exhibitions I’ve seen in Bergen a couple of weeks ago and a very interesting studio visit with artist Anne Lise Stenseth (hopefully, coming soon!)

… but first, I decided to go with a couple of “lighter” posts flagging notable events in the past two/three weeks here at the Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale.


visibly huge snowflakes

First of all – it has been snowing! Snowflakes the size of feathers and no, I’m not joking. I was mesmerized for a while, as such big ones are a rarity for me (even for Stockholm standards), tried to take some snapshots but they turned out so so… but good enough to give you an idea!

The first snow tho was of the wet quality, turning the paths into ice fields. I had the clever idea of taking to the studio some glass items, slipped badly, landing on my left hand, and it remains rather inexplicable how I managed to keep hold of the fragile objects with my right hand.

Anyhow, I know, I shouldn’t spend many lines talking about the weather so I will just add some images for you to droole at the beauty of this landscape, and of course turn green with envy at the minus-10something-degrees it’s been recently.


Dale and the fjord




views from my terrace

the neighbours' houses


outside my studio..

outside my studio..


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